A Piece Of Russia In Mauritius

Here you can try and appreciate the traditional Russian and Eastern European cuisine. The food lovers will appreciate the delicious, reach but healthy food - we offer our guests only the freshest products.

Our working hours*:

  • from 18:00 until 22:00 MONDAY, TUESDAY
  • from 12:00 until 23:00 WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY

Without break!  Food is served any time from the opening until closing hours. 

*Working hours might change due to the holidays etc. Please, check news and Facebook page updates

It is known that vodka is a traditional Russian drink. In Russian Hut you'll find the longest vodka list on the island of Mauritius and the most delicious cocktails based on vodka. Russian Hut also has exclusive rights in Mauriitus and African Region for Ukrainian vodka Black Sea which has being available in Mauritius since May 2012.

The basis of the menu are hot and cold appetizers, which we selected according to the Russian dining and drinking traditions, because in our country, none gatherings can be done without home pickles, herring, blini and many other goodies.

You can come to Russian Hut restaurant with the whole family. For the youngest members we created a kid’s corner and came up with a special menu.


The kitchen of the restaurant is delicious and has good choice. Only here you can enjoy the best selected dishes of Russian and Eastern European cuisines.

On the menu list you can find various pickled vegetables, home made pelmeni (dumplings) and varenniki (veg dumplings), pancakes with different fillings, as well as traditional Russian and Ukrainian soups, Belarussian dranniki, salads and much more from our chef of international class.

A considerable part in our menu is set aside for classical European cuisine.

In our restaurant you can spend a quiet family celebration or to order a banquet, or you can just visit for a lunch with your child - kids will appreciate the special menu created by taking into account their preferences, and the kids corner, where they can have fun and spend time while their parents are busy catching up in more privacy.


All our prices exclude VAT except drinks.