Russian Hut - ideal place for good lunches!

Very relaxed and interesting environment for business negotiations and meetings at lunch timeRussian Hut ® -  perfect place for a business lunch with colleagues and business partners.

What do we usually eat at work during lunch?

Sometimes we bring food with us, sometimes we buy something in a shop or eat at the nearest canteen. If during the lunch time we are not at our usual workplace, rather than, say, on business in another part of the island, we go to the nearest coffee shop or dine in the restaurant. Very few lucky people have the opportunity to dine at home.

Well, what if we are on vacation - as many of those who see this text are? Most likely your hotel will try to keep you at «home» and offer dine in their restaurant. But if you have being on an island for more than a week, then you get bored quickly. If you live in an apartment, then there are multiple options - from a hired cook to the nearest pizzeria or a hawker with "roti" (roti - Hindu tortilla wrapped with beans and chili sauce). But we know exactly what you would want and like to have :)

In Russian Hut you can enjoy a delicious lunch on weekdays from 12:00 to 16:00. The set up of our facility is ideal to plan both a shorter lunch during a visit to the beaches of Trou aux Biches / Mont Choisy / Grand Bay, and/or longer dining time in the company of friends.

You just can not get bored with our lunches!!!