Pelmeni - Siberian Ravioli

Dumplings (Pelmeni) for a long time considered to be genuine Russian dish - a hearty and surprisingly tasty. Though the word "dumpling" is derived from two words of Finno-Ugric origin, "drops" - ear, eye and "nannies" - dough bread. Ears of dough stuffed with minced meat perfectly blended in the tradition of many peoples living in Russia - frozen dumplings perfectly preserved through the winter without losing its quality, and the meat, hidden in the dough, do not attract predators, as usual. Dumplings could take a long winter trip, ensuring full hot meals, prepared in advance in large quantities and with a variety of fillings.

Siberian Ravioli - Pelmeni in Russian HutBut pelmeni are cooked not only with meat. They are tasty with fish, mushrooms, onions, turnips and pickled cabbage. There are dozens of fillings known for pelmeni, as well as condiments and sauces. And Ukrainian pelmeni - called vareniki are also filled with potatoes and bacon, cheese and berries.

Pelmeni - are one of the most democratic course. They can be found on the menu of a modest canteen or opposite, expensive restaurants (in the XIX century, when the rich Ural and Siberian breeders came to Moscow or St. Petersburg on business, they habitually demanded it in restaurants and pubs, and the owners had to learn cooking pelmeni. This fact was recorded in the culinary cooking history of Russia.) Although unlikely in the student cafeteria you will be served with salmon ravioli or sturgeon, but also ordinary pelmeni always offers at least a dozen varieties of this dish - for every taste.

Recipe for pelmeni is simple and at the same time traditional. It remained the same for hundreds, if not thousands of years. It is used as is by the modern manufacturers of frozen dumplings, housewives and restaurant chefs. And the result - a juicy, exuding the delicious smelling steam, tasty dumpling - a dish that can not get bored.

Interesting facts

In 2004, the Russian city of Izhevsk, they built a monument for a Pelmen.

The sculpture looks very different - a huge three-meter plug and top huge dumpling. This pelmen is really impressive: one meter in diameter. The height of the entire structure, along with a huge fork is three meters.


This monument locals consider geographical point on the map, for the first time ever prepared Pelmen.
In Krasnoyarsk, they prepared a cake made of ... Pelmeni.

Three-tiered treat was decorated with more than 350 different types of boiled dumplings.