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When they bake pies at home, the smell spreads throughout the house. Sweet aroma of freshly baked pastery in the house creates a cozy and peaceful atmosphere of the holiday.

Pirog – is a dish made of dough with a filling that is baked or fried.

There are many different recipes for pirogi (or pirozhki), but the difference is mostly around the way what kind of dough is used (yeast, shortbread cookies type, yeast-free, sponge, puff pastry). Both, the type of a filling and a presentation makes it look and taste different in different cuisines: pirogi might be open, closed, puff.

Some pies are used in rituals (courtship, funeral). In Russia, the cake was a symbol of the house-proud.

The origin of the word "pirog" is associated with one of the signs of fire in the Indo-European language.

In the traditional Russian cuisine savory pastry is used for prirogi, usually a pie has an elongated shape.

Pirogi and pirozhki accompany virtually most of the other specialties and dishes. You won’t find much what is NOT used by Russian craftsmen who bakes traditional Russia pie! Even porridge jam, and vegetables. All can be found in the Russian Pirog or a small version called - pirozhok.

Countless variety of pirogi and pirozhki are prepared at homes by housewives: yeast cakes with meat, fresh fish, layered with mushrooms and vegetable pies. Baker’s fantasies are not limited to traditional Russian table: there are different types of cheesecakes for the holiday table, spread fruit gingerbread, sweet dough made ​​sand pies etc. as well as unusual, but tasty quick puff pastry pies.

It is difficult to talk theory about pirogi and pirozhki – you should try yourself. And the number of recipes is endless.

Russian Hut - первый русский ресторан на острове Маврикий!

Pirogi and pirozhki - pies from various kinds of dough with various fillings from almost any product. There are many kinds of pirogi and they are known not only in Russia but far beyond it in different regions in different variations shapes and tastes.

In Russia they learned how to make pirogi long time ago. It's more festive than a daily meal. In addition, pirozhki are very rich and might be too heavy for daily meal. However, not a single party will happen without pirozhki. In addition, the level of pirozhki cooking skill was an indicator of the housewifely thrift for young ladies of marriageable age.

Pirozhki were usually sold at fairs and folk festivals. Once upon a time in the old Moscow, in China-town was the main market, and there conducted extensive exclusive trade with only pirozhki. Famous Testovskaya inn famous for its pies, especially “Baybakov pie” stuffed pirog consisting of 12 layers. Technology improved cooking pies for centuries, and the experience and recipes handed down as by inheritance, from generation to generation.

Making pirozhki is a very a delicate matter, and not everyone can cope with that. Being cooked by the same mistress, pirozhki can turn out differently, and it all depends on the ability to put the dough, put the desired temperature in the oven or stove, make the correct selection of toppings. For example, it would be a mistake to put the dough in a sweet filling of fish, meat, and for sweet fillings is not suitable salt dough.

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